Community Guidelines

Welcome to our automotive content creation and sharing platform community! We are committed to cultivating a passionate and courteous community of car enthusiasts, where every member can freely express themselves and share their automotive fervor.

1. Civilized Creation, Inspiring Unique Beauty:
When sharing your car stories and experiences, please maintain a civilized and polite tone. Inspire unique creativity to bring positive energy to the community and add more fun.

2. Civilized Comments, Fostering Constructive Discussions:
Encourage participants to comment in a civilized manner. Through constructive discussions and sharing viewpoints, we can collectively enhance our understanding of the automotive world and create a rich and enjoyable community.

3. Cultivate a Healthy and Harmonious Cultural Atmosphere:
Our goal is to establish a healthy and harmonious cultural atmosphere. By respecting each other and embracing diverse perspectives, we can collectively create a community where everyone feels comfortable.

4. Keep Away from Politics, Stay Focused on Cars:
To maintain the professionalism of the community, we do not allow discussions or content related to politics. Let’s keep the focus on sharing and discussing automotive culture.

5. Fairness and Justice, Respect for Every Community Member:
We are dedicated to upholding principles of fairness and justice. Please show respect to every community member, regardless of their car preferences and viewpoints.

6. Prohibition of Insults, Abuses, and Political Discourse:
To maintain a friendly atmosphere, the use of insulting language and abuses is strictly prohibited. Additionally, all discussions related to politics are banned to ensure the harmony and stability of the community.

By collectively adhering to these guidelines, we will work together to create an enthusiastic and respectful automotive community, where every member feels welcome and valued. Thank you for joining us, and let’s enjoy the world of cars together!

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